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Daunte Skullpepper

How the Party started

At my first job when I was young, I worked at a franchise sandwich restaurant and started occasionally snacking on pickled jalapenos that were offered there. I had never really liked spicy things up until this point, but this is where my love for spice began, and it's kept growing ever since. After tasting many different hot sauces and having amassed a fairly large collection, my wife casually suggested one day that I should try making my own.


The first attempt was a simple habanero sauce and it turned out okay. The second was more of an experiment and it tasted decent, but I didn't cook it properly and it ended up fermenting in its containers and exploded all over our kitchen like thick champagne. After doing much research I tried a third time, shared it with some friends and family, everyone loved it, and that recipe actually ended up being the base for one of our most popular sauces: Rozzy's. Turned out I had a knack for this (after a couple tries, at least).

About the Party and its Hosts

Anyway, here we are - a small, humble hot sauce business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since we live in a place where even ketchup is "pretty spicy" for a lot of people, we focus more on flavor than ridiculous levels of heat. Although we do like to make some face-melting sauces here and there... without substituting flavor of course.


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All of the sauces we produce, including our flagships, are made in small batches. We do our best to source locally, but that can vary depending on supply. We always use the same recipes, but because of this, there may be slight variations in color and heat level between different batches, though the flavor should always be there!


We currently have four sauces that we consider our flagships: Tia's tomatillo jalapeno, Sally's sweet mango habanero, Rozzy's roasted red pepper and tomato, Miso Serrano. Along with a couple other special sauces in the rotation, we also love to experiment with flavors, new peppers, and different heat levels. So be on the lookout for some of our limited experimental offerings too!

Besides this excellent website you're currently browsing, we sell our products at numerous pop-up markets and events all around the Twin Cities metro area. Keep an eye out in our news section and our social media pages for information about our next event appearances, and come say hi!

We have two dogs and love 'em to death. One of them is a pitbull, or "pittie," which helped us come up with the company name Pity Party. Most of our sauces are named for dogs we own, know, or once knew. When our business builds to a bigger level we plan to donate a percentage of profits to animal shelters and rescues, such as the places where we rescued our little doggos from.

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